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UNIT Tester

The Unit Tester was developed.

Customer's necessary function is offered

with the unit (or single Print Board).

It can be used as the tester for printed

circuit board.

250MHz 64pin LSI Test System for Memory·logic mixed device

Concept of development
What YDK considered on the development of our unit tester is that the times have come when it is impossible for any tester makers to arrange the test equipment which customer requires, because the customer's objects of measurement are expanding not only semiconductor devices but also electrical ones and those modules.
Within that, we considered the problem how test cost should be reduced. Although we state the reduction of test cost, there are the following problems.

    1. Is it possible for the initial investment to be small?
    2. Is it possible for construction of tester to be free?
    3. Is it possible to change rapidly as you used when you change the parts?
    4. Is it easy to construct software?
    5. Is it possible for any test constructions to check and calibrate easily?
    6. Isn't the time for test later? We would rather be earlier.
    7. We would like to arrange the function of measurement peculiar to user.
    8. Is it possible for each test units to reuse?

We suggest YDK unit tester to solve the above-mentioned problems.

If you have questions about detail, please feel free to ask sales staff in YDK.