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Test and Writing to various devices

Merits for Customer / Work Process / Work Environment / Possessing Equipments

Program Writing with High Reliability and Short Delivery DatefromSmall Amount to Large Amount by using YDK's mass processing system.

Merits for Customers
  1. YDK offers what the quality is as high as what is made in Japan with short delivery date and low cost. From writing to a few number of devices to batch processing, YDK can undertake that by quick turn. So it would be thankful to request an estimate from YDK.

  2. It is possible to save the proceedings, which are occurred when you request in abroad, and time.

  3. By writing in Japan, it is possible to guard the information from leaking.

With self-writing automatic machine, YDK enabled to write a great deal of devices just before mass production. And we are recognizeded by some automobile elecreical equipment manufacturer, and recognized the quality of writing by those manufacturer too.

document for request your estimate

devices(micro computer)enabled to be written

devices(flash memory)enabled to be written

YDK performs the writing services to Flash ROM.

YDK corresponds to very low cost.

There is "great deal of processing and high quality" which is exceeded common sense so far. There is the processing ability that 3 million devices can be written per a month.

YDK realized the batch processing to all devices that are loaded in IC tray. It was beyond idea conventionally. So We enabled to write a great deal of devices in short time.

There is the structure, which the bending of lead during writing and attachment of foreign objects to device are occurred too rarely, YDK guards the customers from trouble in loading.

YDK realized laser mark the shipment synchronized with a great deal of writing by batch processing to 2 trays.

The main facilities to write are developed in YDK. So it is possible to recover early during the trouble and to receive low price.

YDK sends the related documents if you refer.

YDK performs inspection service to various kinds of devices.
YDK performs evaluation of reliability to various kinds of devices.
YDK performs burn-in service to various kinds of devices.
YDK performs place rental service for installation of various systems.

Work Process

01. Order Receive
02. Device Arrival
03. Unpack / Put control information
04. Writing Preparation
05. Writing Verification
06. Process for Writing Termination
07. Laser Marking / Dot Marking / Sticking Seal
08. Appearance Inspection
09. Taping
10. Sealing
11. Packing Shipping out

We accept various special processes such as device characterization test and high temp verification and others.

Work Environment

Completion of Clean Room

Wearing Clean Room Garment

Managing Temperature and Humidity

Complete measure for ESD

Perfect Security Structure by Security Firm

Possessing Equipments

Various Handlers

Laser Marking System

Automatic Seal Sticker

Automatic Dot Marker

Appearance Inspector

Baking Furnace

Vacuum sealer

Taping System

Partner information: YDK's service is inserted into RENESAS ELECTRONICS ALLIANCE PARTNER (Written in Japanese).

If you have questions about it, please feel free to ask sales staffs in YDK.

programing to data of flash memory test of screening writing service