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The equipments and devices which can be used reliably support affluent and comfort society. High-reliable technology is never expensive as Japanese automobile industry is recognized and contributes globally thanks to low price and high-reliable technology. The facilities for broadcast and various kinds of sound devices are also needed high-reliable operation and facilities and devices related semiconductor are too. YDK has goal that we develop and produce high-reliable electrical equipments and devices which keep operating constantly for all days. We think that we would like to contribute the affluent, comfort, and safe society through the environment-friendly sound equipments and test ones for semiconductors in constant development.

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LSI Tester FTOR series Test Speed 250MHz・500Mbps




17/06/23 Contact monitor burn-in device was added to the line-up.
17/06/16 DGTZ / AWG unit was added to the line-up.
16/11/11 The monitor burn-in device for memory was added to the line-up.