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The equipments and devices which can be used reliably support affluent and comfort society. High-reliable technology is never expensive as Japanese automobile industry is recognized and contributes globally thanks to low price and high-reliable technology. The facilities for broadcast and various kinds of sound devices are also needed high-reliable operation and facilities and devices related semiconductor are too.
YDK has goal that we develop and produce high-reliable electrical equipments and devices which keep operating constantly for all days. We think that we would like to contribute the affluent, comfort, and safe society through the environment-friendly sound equipments and test ones for semiconductors in constant development.

President-Director Hideo Matsui


Company name : YAMADA-DEN-ON.CO.,LTD
Head Office : 3-13-10 Nagara Naka Kitaku Osaka 531-0062 Japan
TEL +81-6-6358-1241 FAX +81-6-6353-1090
Foundation : February 1st 1950
Establishment : February 1st 1957
The capital : 75,000,000 yen
President-Director : The Representative President-Director Hideo Matsui
Workforce : 39
Permissions : permitted by the governor of Osaka Prefecture(No.74097)
    telecommunication construction
Plan of Management Innovation(No.1122-7)
    approved by Osaka Prefecture
Bisiness Activities :
Development and production of new tester
Development and production of reliabiility test for various semiconductor
Development and production of boards for test of various reliability
Field maintenance
Development and production of IC handler
ROM writing service
Development support of test program
Development support of various program for analysis and one for control

the History

1950 Osaka sound service was started.
1957 Yamada denon co.,LTD establishment. It produces sound machinery.
1964 Started the sale of "unit amp" followed BSS·BTS standard.
1968 Capital to 3,000,000 yen.
Succeeded the development of technology being all silicon in unit amp and started selling
1969 Established Tokyo office in Kawasaki Kanagawa
1970 Developed a tester of an IC for electronic calculators by cooperation of Mitsubishi Electric.
1972 Developed a bonding machine of computer control.
1973 Developed an ATE system of a logic IC for clock and TV games.
Capital to 12,000,000 yen.
1980 Established Kumamoto office.
Capital to 25,000,000 yen.
1981 Moved Head Office to present place.
1984 Produced a several kinds dynamic burn-in sysutm. (More than 250 systems)
1985 Completed the construction of newly-built head office.
The second generation tester completion of a high-speed ATE system.
(More than 220 systems)
1990 Capital to 75,000,000 yen.
1994 Produced the third generation intelligent testers of per-pin architecture by
cooperation of Mitsubishi Electric.
1997 Built Tokyo office
2000 Sales of Intelligent Logic IC tester SX series is started.
2005The assumption of new president.
The ISO14001 certification acquisition.
2008ROM Writing Service and Reliability Test Service are started.
2009Concluded the association on business with WINTEST Co., Ltd.


Head Office 3-13-10 Nagara Naka Kitaku Osaka 531-0062 Japan
TEL +81-6-6358-1241
FAX +81-6-6353-1090
Kumamoto Office 3737-1-B Suya Goushi City Kumamoto 861-1102 Japan
TEL +81-96-242-7900
FAX +81-96-242-7907

Traffic Access(Osaka Head Office)

by bus
  from the bus stop in front of Osaka station
  (34th route)being bound for in front of Moriguchi garage
  (57th route)being bound for in front of Kyobashi station
  After getting off in the bus stop of Nagara-Nishi, it takes 5 minutes on foot.
by subway
  From the 5th exit in Tenjimbashisuji 6 chome station, it takes 15 minutes on foot.
From Shin-Osaka station,it take 10 minutes by taxi.
  (After turning left in the northern junction of Tenjimbashi 8choume, turn left in the
  first signal. And thrn right at the end of the road.)
From Osaka station,it take 10 minutes by taxi.
  (Go straight the junction of Tenjimbashi 8choume and turn in the side road.
  After turning left in the junction of Nagara-Nishi, turn right at the end of the road.

If you visit JR Shin-Osaka Station, we will meet you in the station.
So please feel free to contact us in advance.
TEL : 81-6-6358-1241