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Product Lineup

Purpose of Burn-in / Burn-in System / Burn-in Board

YDK sells Large-size Burn-in System which is the best for reliability test to many devices, Small-size Burn-in System which can be expected that electric power and area get lower, and Burn-in system for QAT.

Purpose of Burn-in

The purpose is that you accelerate the lifetime of measured devices and screen early failures by applying temperature and voltage to the devices. The early failures are given 3 kinds below.

Destruction of oxide film

Characteristics variation due to contamination

Destruction and characteristics variation due to particle

Burn-in System

大型バーンイン装置 大型バーンイン装置 中型バーンイン装置 小型バーンイン装置

Monitor Burn-in

BI-M Series

Burn-in system for various logic IC, analog IC, and Power device IC. Accepted multi power supplies.
And YDK sells the large-size monitor burn-in system for low voltage and high current.

Dynamic Burn-in

BI-D Series

Burn-in system for various logic IC and analog IC.

Test Burn-in

BI-T Series

Burn-in system for logic IC and memory IC.

Monitor Burn-in for

QAT (For the

Department of

Quality Assurance)

Burn-in system for memory IC, logic IC, and ASIC.
Accepted burn-in under low temperature(-55℃).

Custom Burn-in


Burn-in system for various logic IC and analog IC.

Compact Test

Burn-in System

Burn-in system for Microcomputer, SOC, and MSIG
Under Developing

System Renewal

* Equipment of High Speed and a High Voltage can be produced.

Burn-in board

Various Burn-in boards

Burn-in board

Burn-in board for DRAM, Flash Memory, MCP, Microcomputer, SOC, MSIG, and SRAM

If you have question about detail, please feel free to ask sales staff in YDK.