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Burn-in Board

It corresponds to the burn-in board design for 100MHz.
Our offer high quality and reliability product of Dynamic burn-in board,Test burn-in etc, based on more than 30 years business achievement.

Dynamic burn-in board
Testing burn-in board for memory
Testing burn-in board for LogicIC
Burn-in board for CSP·BGA
High-speed testing burn-in board for memory
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For high speed and high density design.
A burn-in board of a large-scale size is needed.
The number of mounted sockets are few.
For decreasing cost.
For producing burn-in board with the BOST circuit.
For needs to utilize LSI test pattern as burn-in signal.
For needs to test devices under burn-in with LSI tester's test pattern.

Feature of our burn-in board

  • From circuit design to pattern design and assembly, inspection are consistently produce.
  • Signal wave forme transmission characteristic is considerd for substract design.
  • The correspondence of an automatic machine has sales history for more than 20 years.
  • The out going inspection inspects all sockets with the burn-in board tester.
  • A burn-in board for CSP・BGA has the delivery results for more than 10 years.
  • The design that prevents the migration is also possible.

If you have questions about detail, please feel free to ask sales staff in YDK.